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There are many consequences that your organization may experience if you have a breach or attack. These can vary from lawsuits, fines, loss of client trust, and decreased reputation. S2 Cyber Security Services helps organizations of all sizes build and maintain a comprehensive cybersecurity program. We work with you to develop and maintain adherence to applicable standards, codes, and IT regulations.

S2 is a boutique Vancouver Cyber Security firm. We place value on establishing a very close relationship by keeping in close contact with the businesses that we work with. This means that from initial contact to project delivery and post follow up we are committed to providing the best level of service possible.

We differ from large cyber firms by ensuring that we are flexible with our approach and solutions as no one size fits all.

What we have seen in the industry is that all businesses struggle with compliance from identifying what needs to be done to implementing technical solutions, processes and policies to obtaining the compliance needed. We do not simply do gap assessments and tell you what you need as is the traditional approach in cyber today. We action the gaps and obtain the evidence required in order to ensure you get the compliance that you are certifying for.

S2 remains in the background non-transparent to business clients so that the business is then able to focus on the primary services that bring in the revenue and free up internal resources to support the business as needed.

Our Partners

We’re experts in a wide assortment of technology solutions

Pen/ASV Testing

S2 offers full pen testing and ASV scanning services. Whether you need to conduct a internal or external pen test we can offer both. These can be scheduled at anytime 24×7 that is convenient to the business. Our pen tests are offered continuously for the length of the contract. Giving you the ability to remediate and re-run your pen test multiple times until you get a passing report.

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Security Training

S2 empowers your team with security awareness training, turning them into a proactive defense against various cyber threats. From phishing to social engineering, our program fosters awareness, enhancing your digital resilience. With human vulnerability as a prime target, this training is an investment in your business’s strong protection

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Compliance Framework Management

In the bustling business world, juggling compliance across frameworks like ISO 27001, PCI DSS, SOC, and TPN+ can be challenging. Your internal IT team handles daily operations and strategic goals, leaving limited bandwidth for complex compliance. Our Compliance Framework Management fills this void, providing expertise for smooth regulatory adherence on your terms.

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Cybersecurity Consulting

Central to our philosophy is the conviction that cybersecurity extends beyond technology to encompass people and processes. We adopt a holistic approach, collaborating closely with you to grasp your business operations and individual risk landscape. Drawing on our expertise, we craft and implement precise security solutions that cater to your distinct requirements.

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Risk/Gap Assessments

We provide comprehensive Risk and Gap Assessments, catering to organizations seeking to fortify their risk management strategies despite limited resources. By utilizing our expertise, you can conduct thorough evaluations of potential vulnerabilities. Furthermore, our Risk and Gap Assessments enhance your risk assessment process, leveraging specialized skills that can potentially lead to bolstered risk mitigation strategies and accredited certifications through our partnership.

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IT Audits

S2 offers both outsourced and co-sourced Internal Audits, allowing resource-constrained organizations to establish a cost-effective Internal Audit function. Through our expertise, you can achieve comprehensive assessments across the audit universe. Furthermore, our co-sourced Internal Audits supplement your IA capabilities with specialized skills, potentially leading to accredited audit certifications through our partnership.

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Success Stories

PayTic Connect

Compliance Framework Management

PayTic Connect partnered with S2 Cyber Security Services Ltd to entrust the management of its compliance program. This case study outlines how S2 Cyber Security Services successfully took the reins of PayTic Connect’s compliance efforts, enabling the company to focus on its core mission of revolutionizing reconciliation, reporting, and fraud monitoring.

Hosted Advantage

ISO 27001 Certification

Hosted Advantage recognized the importance of robust cybersecurity practices and sought S2 Cyber’s expertise to enhance their security posture, streamline compliance efforts, and ultimately achieve ISO 27001 certification.

Happy Clients

I’m truly impressed by the way S2 Cyber Security Services handled everything – from their insightful vCISO assistance to their expert guidance in compliance management. If you’re on the lookout for top-notch cybersecurity services, then S2 is your solution!

Imad Boumahdi


We have worked with S2 in the past with success. S2 delivers excellent solutions that ensure maximum protection against cyber threats, while their proactive approach provides peace of mind for key business functions.

Noah Billick

Partner - Director of Regulatory, Funds and Compliance

S2 Cybersecurity is a great Security Compliance partner. Sunny and team helped us an achieve our ISO 27001 certification in a very tight timeline and be in a great position with Vanta to continue our ISO27001 compliance program for future annual audits.

Gavin Clark

VP of Operations