PayTic Connect

S2 Cyber Security Services Ensures Unparalleled Compliance for PayTic Connect

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, maintaining stringent compliance while delivering cutting-edge solutions is a challenge faced by many innovative businesses. PayTic Connect, a trailblazing integration-free Software as a Service (SaaS) financial platform, recognized the paramount importance of compliance in its operations. To address this challenge head-on, PayTic Connect partnered with S2 Cyber Security Services Ltd to entrust the management of its compliance program. This case study outlines how S2 Cyber Security Services successfully took the reins of PayTic Connect’s compliance efforts, enabling the company to focus on its core mission of revolutionizing reconciliation, reporting, and fraud monitoring.


PayTic is a disruptive force in the world of SaaS solutions, offering banks and other card issuers a comprehensive suite of services including end-to-end reconciliation and reporting, network invoice analysis, automated dispute resolution, and real-time fraud monitoring. By providing these services without requiring complex integrations, PayTic empowers financial institutions to streamline their operations and make informed decisions.

The Challenge: Balancing Innovation with Compliance

As PayTic gained rapid traction in the market, the company recognized the need to not only deliver innovative solutions but also to adhere to stringent compliance regulations. Navigating this dual challenge of innovation and compliance required a specialized approach.

The Solution: S2 Cyber Security Services Takes the Helm

With a shared commitment to excellence and security, S2 Cyber Security Services stepped in to manage PayTic’s compliance program. Drawing from their extensive experience in cybersecurity and compliance, S2 Cyber Security Services crafted a tailored solution to address PayTic’s unique compliance requirements for less than the cost of hiring ONE internal resource.

This was achieved by collaborating closely with PayTic’s team to create a suite of measures to ensure adherence to relevant industry standards and regulatory requirements. S2 assumed the responsibility of continuous monitoring and maintenance, ensuring that PayTic remained aligned with the evolving compliance landscapes. PayTic now seamlessly manages its compliance obligations, allowing the company to channel its resources towards innovation and value creation. With S2 Cyber Security Services at the helm of its compliance program, PayTic can confidently assure its clients of the highest levels of data security and regulatory adherence.