Security Awareness Training

Your First Line of Defense – Security Awareness Training

Traditional security strategies have always relied on the idea that technology can keep most cyber threats at bay or send signals to security teams to step in quickly. But even with all the fancy advancements in technology, there’s a weak spot that cyber attackers have found – and it’s not something technology can easily fix human behavior.

Basically, malicious actors have figured out that even the best tech can’t completely stop people from making mistakes. This weak point lies within organizations, and it’s not something that just better tools can solve. It’s about how people act and react. This can mean anything from someone clicking on a sneaky link in an email to someone unknowingly sharing important secrets because they were tricked.

Benefits of Security Training


Fully Remote

We offer full remote and onsite training to ensure employees have all the information and skills they need to ensure that their business is not breached.



With our solution you get customizable training, phishing reports, phishing remediation and 1 click analytics.


Proactive Approach

We also offer the ability to quarantine the email on your mail server and pro-actively scan your mail server to catch if the mail has been sent to multiple users.

Why do we need to train?

Social Engineering attacks like phishing are incredibly successful, forming the first stage in 93% of cyber attacks that result in a security breach


  • 82% of Employees are responsible for breaches (Verizon 2022)
  • Prevent Ransomware attacks and downtime
  • Since 2021 employees understanding of phishing has dropped over 15%

Don’t be part of the 82% that get breached – get in touch with us today to see how we can help train your employees