Hosted Advantage

S2 Cybersecurity services Enables Hosted Advantage to Achieve ISO 27001 Certification

Hosted Advantage, a prominent player in the media, education, and IT infrastructure services sector, approached S2 Cyber with a critical mission: to achieve ISO 27001 certification within a tight deadline. Hosted Advantage recognized the importance of robust cybersecurity practices and sought S2 Cyber’s expertise to enhance their security posture, streamline compliance efforts, and ultimately achieve ISO 27001 certification.

Business Expertise and Approach: S2 Cyber’s Advantage

S2 Cyber, with its strong industry experience and a unique perspective garnered from more than two decades on the customer side, was well-positioned to address Hosted Advantage’s cybersecurity challenges. With a focus on services like audit, compliance framework assessments, and risk assessments, S2 Cyber leveraged its in-depth understanding of cybersecurity requirements and compliance frameworks to tailor a comprehensive solution.

Compliance Framework and Objectives

Hosted Advantage’s primary compliance goal was to achieve ISO 27001 certification. The compliance objectives ranged from addressing change management, vulnerability patching, and penetration testing to revising processes, policies, and governance structures. Furthermore, Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) procedures needed validation to meet the requirements.

Solution Implementation: Leveraging Vanta and Collaborative Approach

To efficiently manage the project, S2 Cyber employed the use of Vanta, a comprehensive compliance framework management tool. The project kicked off with gap analysis stemming from internal audits. Regular onsite meetings and timely email exchanges facilitated seamless communication between the teams. S2 Cyber diligently addressed vulnerabilities, revised processes, and formulated robust policies to ensure compliance with ISO 27001 standards.

Results and Achievements

S2 Cyber’s dedicated efforts yielded remarkable results:

1. Successful ISO 27001 Certification: Hosted Advantage successfully passed the audit and obtained ISO 27001 certification, validating their commitment to information security and compliance.

2. Deadline Achievement: Despite the tight deadline, S2 Cyber’s strategic planning and execution ensured that all compliance requirements were met by the end of August.

3. Strengthened BCP and DR Procedures: S2 Cyber’s intervention not only led to ISO 27001 compliance but also reinforced Hosted Advantage’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery procedures, enhancing their resilience against potential disruptions.

Client Feedback and Outlook

Hosted Advantage was elated with the outcome of the engagement. The successful achievement of ISO 27001 certification and the enhanced cybersecurity posture generated excitement and satisfaction among their team. S2 Cyber’s meticulous approach, collaborative teamwork, and efficient use of tools like Vanta played a pivotal role in exceeding Hosted Advantage’s expectations.


S2 Cyber’s partnership with Hosted Advantage showcased their proficiency in cybersecurity services and compliance framework assessments. This case study exemplifies their ability to translate industry experience, technological tools, and strategic planning into tangible results. The achievement of ISO 27001 certification for Hosted Advantage stands as a testament to S2 Cyber’s commitment to excellence in cybersecurity and compliance